Thursday, 13 November 2014

The personal touch this Christmas

It may be six weeks away but before we know it the festive season will soon be upon us. What better time to start making personal preparations to fill your own home, as well as those of friends and family, with unique decorations, edible gifts and handmade cards that will make a lasting impression, personal gift and create a fun, inspirational and festive atmosphere for adults and children?
Whether you want to craft your own Christmas cards, shape your own tree decorations or dust some sweet treats you’re planning on baking during festivities, we at Stencil Warehouse have some unique, innovative and playful stencil designs guaranteed to bring warmth and merry feelings to ‘one and all’ during the Christmas period.
Christmas cards
Planning out your Christmas card list is probably useful to do in advance of December’s arrival, as not only will there be a rush to buy cards but you will also want to ensure that you don’t forget anyone.
Making your own Christmas cards can act as a small gift to friends and family members bringing that extra special touch, particularly if you choose to make them with children who are always likely to put their own spin on card-making for each recipient.
Our Christmas card stencils are available in various sizes to suit the size of card you opt for, and in a choice of designs complete with several font styles, greetings and symbolic Christmas icons allowing you to stencil your card design with glitter or paints depending on who you are giving your card to, making a keepsake your recipients will treasure.
Decorations for your home and Christmas tree
Our Christmas stencils can be used with spray snow for beautifully festive decorations. Create an eye-catching display of snowmen, elves, trees and snowflakes on your windows and mirrors, and bring a festive winter wonderland into your home this Christmas.
Stencilled Christmas table decorations can also be wonderfully effective bringing a cheery and very personal touch to your place-mats and napkins, or perhaps a stunning table centrepiece.
If you are looking to adorn your Christmas tree with decorations with a difference get the kids together with some card, crayons, glitter and crafting kits and use our ranges of Christmas stencils to create unique decorations you can hang with cotton or rope from your trees branches.
Such a simple idea is even effective as a present for a family member’s tree, perhaps even to map out your son or daughter’s progress through each Christmas, creating a memorable keepsake that is quick, simple and cost effective to produce while having fun along the way.
Christmas baking
Are you an enthusiastic baker when it comes round to the festive season? Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, chocolate logs, Christmas cupcakes and fig rolls are all delicious treats that come to mind when indulging during the festive period.
If you’re planning on entertaining friends and family during the month of December then it is likely baking will be an activity you will be partaking in. Our cake dusting or sprinkling stencils can add that finishing festive touch with varied designs featuring lettering , pictures and messages which are all food safe and easily cleaned. This is a great way of getting the kids involved in preparations for Christmas whilst making your home-made treats look seasonally scrumptious!
The stencils even double as a novelty dusting for hot chocolates or Hot Toddies to evoke that Merry Christmas feeling.

If you want to begin your preparations for Christmas, browse our range of Stencils for all styles of stencilling. We even offer custom designs where required and can guide you in finding the right designs for your needs. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

All Hallows Eve

While Halloween may seem like it’s all about sweets, treats and dressing up there is so much more to the ancient festival, which is heavily reaped in traditions and celebrations that date back to the early 1900s.

Considered the most spooktacular time of year for Westerners on both sides of the Atlantic, All Hallows Eve usually brings with it an excuse to think about other worldly elements such as ghosts, ghouls and monsters at a time which previously saw celebrations of the overlapping boundaries between the living and dead on October 31 by Pagans.

Now more than a century on, the ancient festival has come to symbolise the firm arrival of Autumn and has established many clear traditions, one of which has become common place in most UK households and has continued over time to mark the festival.

Pumpkin carving

Every October pumpkins carved and shaped into spooky, sinister and creative designs peer out on porches, doorsteps and in windows illuminated by candles functioning as a fun family activity for children and adults to collaborate and design together.

Also referred to as Jack O’ Lanterns, this practice of decorating pumpkins and using them as a scary accessory, takes its roots from an ancient Irish fable that has continued throughout the centuries.
The story, telling the tale of a drunken farmer named Stingy Jack originated in Ireland, where turnips and potatoes functioned as an early backdrop.

The sinister tale goes that Jack tricked the devil, but such antics ironically resulted in him being turned away from the gates of heaven and hell following his death, leaving him to wander in purgatory for all eternity. Left in darkness, Jack used a lantern made from a turnip to illuminate in his path and guide his lost soul with a lump of coal chucked out of hell by the devil.

Since then, Celts have used Jack O’ Lanterns as a method of illuminating their streets and roads to guide lost spirits on October 31, replacing them with pumpkins when turnip and potato productions went into decline.

As competition between neighbours, friends and family has evolved, designs have got more elaborate and innovative and with our range of pumpkin carving stencils, you can create a fresh look for your pumpkin lanterns whether you are hosting a Halloween party, looking to illuminate your porch or light up the way for lost spirits this Hallows Eve.

Take a look at some of our designs; choose from comical, symbolic or spooky.


Creepy coffee & Cakes

If you’re looking for something a little less traditional this Halloween, but something that will both scare and make a statement at the same time then why not bring a fright to your trick, treats and even coffee mornings.

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party, looking to bake some extra special treats for your unexpected guests or simply want to add fear factor to coffee breaks, consider out range of coffee and cake dusting stencils, making decoration simple, effective and pretty damn creepy.

Whether it’s hundreds and thousands, edible fake blood or spooky sugar, pick from our range of food-safe and re-usable stencils.

For further decorative ideas for other festive occasions visit our website, or contact us for more bespoke stencil designs.