Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

Looking for homemade Mothers day gifts to make for your Mother or Grandma? You need to make this day as special as you possibly can. These gifts alongside a bunch of flowers and chocolates will go down nicely on this special day.
Watercolour Pillows - Make your mother some throw pillows for a gift with this simple yet effective way of sprucing up your living room. With permanent markers in various colours, draw designs onto cotton pillows with some custom stencils. Soak a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and trace along your design to create a bleeding effect.
Handmade Candles - Candles are an easy gift that can sometimes come across as impersonal but doesn't worry that can be changed! To personalise your own wax candles, you'll need pillar candle with your choice of colour, white tissue paper, acrylic paints, and wax paper on hand and the odd stencil to have a pattern already laid out. First, decorate a piece of cut tissue paper with whatever pattern they choose. Then, use a blow dryer to put the design on the candle. The finished product has a personalised touch that's sure to light up Mum's day.
Paper Tablecloth - A paper tablecloth will the perfect thing to show your mum how much you care. Whilst this being a generous gift, this will also is a lovely homely addition to any setting. Adding splashes of colour and stencilled patterns to a bog standard white cloth.
Coffee Stencils - We have found that the simplest of designs and lettering make the best coffee stencils for your mother on mother’s day, but no matter your preference, we can create the exact stencil you require. We cut our standard Cappuccino Stencils from a 2mm thick food-safe plastic; we strive to bring you competitive prices, even on our custom made designs.  
Here are is an example of one of our Mother’s Day stencils; the Celtic design symbolising Motherhood and just because it’s also nearly Easter, an Easter Bunny just in case you feel like being really organised.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A Travellers Guide to Stencil Art

Stencil graffiti is quickly becoming one of the most popular parts of the underground art scene, and it seems politics too after David Cameron gave Barack Obama a piece of street art on his last state visit.
In this blog we will be giving a quick stop tour around some of the world’s finest works of art illegally hung on walls around the world.

Firstly we start off with an artist called “Mantis”. Mantis is a London based artist fighting for wall space in and around Old Street. Mantis is most famous for painting over Banksy’s famous Pulp Fiction stencil on Old Street roundabout and replacing it with two African orphaned children holding banana skins.
His style is more politically orientated stencils of nuclear war, famine and corporate greed.
You can also see his work around the Shoreditch area, London.

Jef Aerosol
This artist is one of the kings of the stencil art scene and has been producing work across France for around 30 years. His mark can also be found in London, Lisbon, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Chicago, New York, Brussels and Beijing (specifically the Great Wall of China)
His most famous pieces of work are Jimi Hendrix, Sitting Kid, Twiggy and many more.

This duo is made up of Andrea Michaelsson and Ilia Mayer. There unique fantasy worlds have been spicing up the streets of Barcelona for the best part of a decade. They merge 1930s movie stars and ancient Greek mythology, their style has won many plaudits on both sides of the Atlantic with exhibitions in LA and London. Their style also implements Anime style portraits tying in with the fantasy element.