Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Stencils for decorating children’s bedrooms

If you have a new addition to your family on its way, or already have a few new pattering feet, you’ll probably need to decorate your spare bedroom! Have you thought about trying stencils?

Stencils and paints can be a great alternative to wallpapers giving so much more flexibility on colours and design and so allowing a much more personal touch for your nursery or children’s bedroom design! Any theme can be accommodated from caterpillars, balloons, hedgehogs and monkeys to teddy bears and rocking horses.

Did you know that stencilling used to be the decorating choice of the upper classes and that wallpaper was invented as a way to bring patterns to the less well off? There are lots of stencil patterns in Windsor Castle, the Royal Albert Hall and the V&A Museum. Stencils are by no means a new idea and although we cannot be sure Princess Charlotte has any in her room, we do know that her Great Grandmother did!

We have a plethora of beautiful, unique, and cost-effective children stencil designs that will suit all children’s tastes, hobbies and ages. Whether your child is into cars, flowers, football or dinosaurs, we have it all here at Stencil Warehouse!

The great thing about using stencils is that they are so easy to customise. You can use your own colours, and print and repeat a pattern as many or a few times as you like. A lot more cost effective and easier to replace than wallpaper, and a lot more interesting and fun than simple painting, you can’t go wrong with a quality stencil design.

Here are just a few of our favourite children stencil designs:

Counting Sheep Stencil
This stencil is a must for the nursery. The flowers and the bows on the sheep allow for plenty of colour. They also looks good on bedding and curtain fabric so you can easily continue your theme!
Prices from: £9.60

Large Footballer Stencil
This football player stencil is great. He is large, which makes him a great feature for example on quilts or the back of doors. Try stencilling him in different colours to represent different teams. If you feeling ambitious, you can have a football match going on!! (There is also a smaller version for drawers, cupboards or cushions)
Prices from: £28.80

Giraffe Stencil
The giraffe stencil is a firm favourite and is suitable for slightly older children. He works best when strategically placed by cupboards or bunk beds and a highlight of gold makes his coat shine. We love him!
Prices from: £4.80

Our range of children’s stencils are perfect for decorating nursery or bedroom walls, toy boxes, bookshelves or other furniture, and are also great for stencilling fabric, cushion covers and curtains. Check out our full collection of childrens stencils here.

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